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The right seed is the foundation of your crop, so get it off to a great start by using SoilBiotics Organic 1r - Seed Treatment. This is a non-polymer liquid product that is applied to seeds up to 5 month’s pre-plant.  Organic 1r - Seed Treatment can be applied to all seeds, and is compatible with most other seed treatments*. This treatment helps unlock the yield potential of your crop. Humic Acid content is derived from Leonardite.

How do Humic Acids work when used as a seed treatment?

Humic Acid based seed treatments cover and penetrate the seed coat to desiccate germination inhibiting spores (fungal pathogens). The treatment will also trigger hormones and growth systems in the embryo during the critical early stages of germination, leading to healthier root development and stronger seedling stands. Apply this treatment directly to the seed to strengthen the whole plant, above and below the ground, before pests in the soil can attack them.

Benefits of using SoilBiotics Organic 1r - Seed Treatment:
  • Easy to use stand-alone seed treatment. Is compatible with most other organic seed treatments.
  • Is designed to improve the beginning stages of plant life which may result in the opportunity of better plant health and improved yields. Increases early vigor of seedlings to outgrow insect and disease pressure. 
  • Is non-toxic, safe to handle, and contains no microbes or bacteria.
  • Increased crop yield potential due to greater populations per acre.
  • Flows well through planter.
  • Wide range of pH compatibility.
  • No sticky polymers or binding agents.
*A physical compatibility test is recommended
This product should be used within the growing season it was purchased.
Treat Your Seeds to a Great Start with SoilBiotics Organic 1r - Seed Treatment!
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