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Organic 5r – Soil Boost EA is a water dispersible, dry granular Humic Acid product that may increase or enhance micronutrient uptake while improving and replenishing depleted soils. It is provided in an easy to apply, uniform-size spherical granule, and has a low dust formulation. It may be applied alone or blended with fertilizers, and can be applied through planter boxes or gandy boxes.  Organic 5r – Soil Boost EA self-incorporates into coarse textured soils with irrigation or rainfall. It can be used in both organic and conventional programs on most soils and crops for agriculture, garden, and turf/grass.  Humic Acid content is derived from Leonardite. Is non-toxic, safe to handle, and contains no microbes or bacteria.
When is Organic 5r – Soil Boost EA applied?

Organic 5r – Soil Boost EA can be applied once or multiple times a year.  It may be used as a pre-plant up to first blossom or any time dry fertilizer is applied.

Benefits of using SoilBiotics Organic 5r – Soil Boost EA:
Physically improves the structure of soil:
  • Helps the soil loosen and crumble, and thus increases aeration of soil as well as soil workability.
  • Prevents soil cracking, and reduces surface water runoff and soil erosion.
  • Increases water holding capacity of soil and thus helps resist drought.
  • Darkens the color of the soil and thus helps absorption of the sun’s energy.
  • Soil becomes rich in both organic and mineral substances essential to plant growth.
  • Soil retains water soluble inorganic fertilizers in the root zones and reduces leaching.
Improves the biological structure of soil:
  • Helps to neutralize both acid and alkaline soils; regulates the pH-value of soils.
  • Improves and optimizes the uptake of nutrients and water by plants.
  • Increases buffering properties of soil.
  • Enhances the uptake of nitrogen by plants.
  • Promotes the conversion of nutrient elements (N, P, K & trace elements) into forms available to plants.
This product should be used within the growing season it was purchased.
Give Your Crops The Best Opportunity for Outstanding Performance with SoilBiotics Organic 5r – Soil Boost EA!
Organic 5r Soil Boost EA
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