Conventional and Organic Use
SB4400 is a consortium of living beneficial microorganisms, including nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilizing microbes that have the ability to stimulate enhanced growth and performance of many plants. It is 100% naturally occurring and non-pathogenic. SB4400 is not genetically modified, nor is it a fertilizer, fungicide, or pesticide. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and is safe to use around plants and animals.
When is SB4400 Applied?
SB4400 can be broadcast pre-plant, applied in-furrow at planting time, foliar applied post-emergence and multiple times during the growing season depending on crop needs*.
SB4400 is a part of SoilBiotics Conventional and Organic agriculture programs, commercial/residential gardening, and turf/grass production programs**.
Benefits of using SoilBiotics SB4400:
  • Helps to protect roots from disease and aids in nutrient uptake in the upper portion of the rhizosphere.
  • Solubilizes phosphate in the soil making phosphate available for uptake by the plant.
  • Mitigates salt in the soil and break down cellulose from plant residue.
  • Frees nutrients tied up in the soil making those nutrients available to the plant for uptake and will hold nitrogen in the soil.
*SB4400 is normally applied in combination with other SoilBiotics products, fertilizers and herbicides. A physical compatibility test is recommended.
**See Product Label for specific combinations and application instructions.
Storage Stability: Store product in a cool location in its original container. Use handling procedures that minimize exposure to the product. SB4400 should be used within the growing season for which it was purchased.
Maximize soil performance and your plants yield potential with SoilBiotics SB4400!
NOTE: Organic 4r - Foliar Concentrate is currently CDFA approved and can be approved by some Organic Certifiers. However, Organic 4r - Foliar Concentrate is not currently OMRI Listed but is under review. You can substitute 1 gallon Organic 3r - Growth Boost for every 1 pound of Organic 4r - Foliar Concentrate instead.

OMRI - SoilBiotics SB4400 (pdf)


SB 4400

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