eFISHnt 5-1-2

Conventional and Organic Use
eFISHnt 5-1-2 is a liquid fish plant nutrient concentrate. It is compatible with most organic and conventional starter fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, microbial products, and other crop inputs*. eFISHnt 5-1-2 can be used in both Conventional and Organic programs as needed. It contains no microbes or biotics.
When is eFISHnt 5-1-2 Applied?
eFISHnt 5-1-2 can be broadcast pre-plant, applied 2x2 or in-furrow at planting time, foliar applied post-emergence and up to four times during the growing season.
eFISHnt 5-1-2 can also be used post-harvest as an integral part of residue digestion programs.
See Product Label for specific Conventional and Organic application instructions.
Benefits of using SoilBiotics eFISHnt 5-1-2:
  • Has a pH of 4.3 in the concentrated form and can lower the pH of tank mixes.
  • Can be applied to most crops.
  • Has high amount of dissolved solids and protein Nitrogen.
  • Is an excellent food source for soil microbes.
*A physical compatibility test is recommended. See Product Label for rates and application warnings
Storage Guidelines for SoilBiotics eFISHnt
  • Concentrated product should be stored indoors in a sealed container, preferably in a cool place and absolutely not near a heat source.
  • Once the product is diluted for application it should be used as soon as possible. DO NOT store diluted product.
  • DO NOT store eFISHnt in a container previously containing a different product as residual contamination is possible.
  • DO NOT leave concentrated or diluted product in direct sunlight as bacterial growth may occur.
  • DO NOT leave container of concentrated or diluted product open since evaporation will cause pH to rise and increase the possibility of bacterial growth. The pH level should remain around 4.
  • You may reuse the packaging this product was shipped in IF it is rinsed out thoroughly. Bleach is suggested to clean packaging. Rinse the container out completely and let air dry.
  • This product should be used within the growing season for which it was purchased. Should product carry over into the next season, then a physical compatibility test is recommended prior to mixing old and new product. If the compatibility test shows no adverse effects, then proceed with mixing old and new product, periodically using agitation to keep the two from separating.
  • Do not store in non-seasoned metal container.
  • Should be mixed or circulated periodically.
  • Should be applied only when diluted with water, 10 to 12 gallons of eFISHnt concentrate to 100 gallons water for the desired application
Give your plants the nutrition they need with SoilBiotics eFISHnt 5-1-2!
NOTE: Organic 4r - Foliar Concentrate is currently CDFA approved and can be approved by some Organic Certifiers. However, Organic 4r - Foliar Concentrate is not currently OMRI Listed but is under review. You can substitute 1 gallon Organic 3r - Growth Boost for every 1 pound of Organic 4r - Foliar Concentrate instead.
eFISGnt 5-1-2
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