The Bank of Nutrients

The Bank of Nutrients
Soil containing 3 to 3.5% organic matter in the top 7" of the soil contains 80,000 pounds of organic matter per acre.  80,000 pounds of organic matter will contain about 5.25% nitrogen, amounting to 4200 pounds of nitrogen per acre.
Assuming 5% release rate during the growing season, the organic matter could supply 210 pounds of nitrogen to the crop.  However, one would be losing valuable nutrient credits like nitrogen for the upcoming crop.
Farmers hold the "real potential" to control this, if they are willing to "step out" and investigate a new way of managaing soil nutrition.  If needed nutrients are present but not available, the question becomes, how can the nutrients be accessible to the crop? 
One answer is SoilBiotics Conventional and Organic Growth Systems.  Either of the SoilBiotics Growth Systems will free elements that are tied up in the soil, and allow them to contribute to the overall impact of the soil, and ultimately the crop one is growing. 
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