Glyphosate and Manganese Update

Glyphosate and Manganese
There are two concerns with Glyphosate.  First, the micronutrients it blocks and the other, how it is killing microbial life in th soil.
Glyphosate does create some negative activity with the rhizospheres, not as a direct application to the soil, but rather through the exudate's of plants back into the soil.  We can help Glyphosate perform without damaging the bio life in the soil.  It is a great product, which needs little assistance.
Typically there is plenty of Mn in the soil for the plants to utilize.  The problem is when Glyphosate is applied along with a micro-nutrients package.  You are just throwing money away with the micronutrient package, UNLESS you have have a way to counter the Glyphosate from blocking valuable nutrients to be taken up by the plant.  Growth Boost has 20 years of experience of doing just this. 
With my experience, when micronutrients are added to Glyphosate, the Glyphosate will block the micronutrients from entering the plant.  MicroNutrient Boost and Growth Supplement will break a chelated micro-nutrient down 10x more than any chelated micronutrient on the market.  
When you see the plant turning yellow after Glyphoste application, the plant is shutting down, and diseases such as Phytophthora and Fusarium Solanum, are able to enter the plant.  All plants have a natural defense system built in to the genetics.  When that wall gets broken down, the conditions are right for diseases to take over.  Just look at water hemp and how it has developed a resistance to Glyphosate. 
This is caused by the Glysophates non-herbicidal effects manifested by enhanced or suppressed activity of latent pathogenic and/or plant growing bacteria and fungi.  This may impact growth of non-target plants because Glyphosate blocks the shikimate pathway and subsequent synthesis of aromatic compounds, including Phytophthera Megasperma Glycines.  This is why we see more cases of sudden death glycines syndrome in beans. 
In addition to suppession of Phytoalexin Synthesis, Glyphosate is implicated in the immobilization of micro-nutrients including Mn and Fe, essential in many metabolic pathways and increased excretion of substrate from roots that may be selectively metabolized by pahtogens.
We encourage farmers to use 1 quart each of MicroNutrient Boost and Growth Supplement along with the Glyphosate application.  It will be a trip across the field that you won't want to miss. 
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